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Now currently I’m at level 16. Torchlight is unexpectedly fun! They really have flow of interesting storyline. I still I don’t expect anything from the ending of the story. What could be happen?

Anyway, torchlight have some new game mech that turn out to be interesting. One of it is dungeon portal scroll. You can buy dungeon portal scroll from merchant at Torchlight town. As you can guess, this scroll open a portal to a dungeon, with different level of monster. Usually ranging from level 1-10, level 10-20, level 15-25 or many other. You can grind for item and experience there.

Other thing is, Torchlight is really easy. Not much challenging. Player skill is rather strong compared to monster. Even the boss monster. This make fighting boss monsters rather unsignificant. I don’t even remember any boss name, not even the strongest (and i don’t recall any strong boss). Playing this could be very much of smooth sailing. Stay tuned!


Torchlight is becoming fun!

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Hey torchlight is quite fun! Turned out that this runic guys know what they’re doing! Still this is just several level since before. I’m just played for less than 2 hours by now.

There are story flow actually that going along with quest. That what’s I like it. Doing side quest is quite fun too. I like doing the portal quest from Hatch (NPC). Fighting boss is what an arpg is all about!


More Torchlight Gallery

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torchlight menu


Torchlight have came out just several hours before. Runic also decided to release their game demo for prospect to try out their new arpg. So, I download the demo and go out for a play test.

Well, just as I suspected. Torchlight is just to similar to FATE. Look in the shot. The same fishing in the FATE. There are some more similarity to FATE.

  • One central town where player take quest.
  • Pet system is exactly the same.
  • Their world sytem. You go outside the town into dungeon and proceed downward into levels of dungeon. Same like Diablo 1.

I would say, this is just too weak of ARPG. Same for FATE. I never like FATE.

New thing that I don’t like here is the way the camera move when opening a window or talking to NPC. I felt kind of dizzy to that. I hope there will be patch for it.

Other thing, the new game engine is smooth and pretty. Inventory system is quite good. All item have same size, no need to play tetris arranging item in inventory. Skill system looks good too, but I still haven’t explore much of it. Only level 2 by now.

See you soon!

Toward Torchlight Launch

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Torchlight releases just around the corner. It’s one of the anticipated action-rpg since the annoucement of Diablo 3. Fans who craved for diablo 3 can buy this game for less than $20 to lessen your craving.

But I doubt Torchlight is any good of an ARPG. I don’t like FATE either. Seems like game of grinding to me. No real quest and story. Just a general reason about your role in the game. I bet it’s gonna be just similar to FATE.

I’d played Mythos in beta before, just a few level of play. But it also doesn’t catch my attention as I felt about Diablo 2 before.

We will see next week.

Runic Game announced today that it’s upcoming ARPG Torchlight will be available on Steam at lauched. As opposed to the previous statement that it will have 30 days wait to available at Steam, Runic CEO Max Schaefer stated that, “It’s important for us to make Torchlight as widely available as possible. Steam is an enormous outlet that many players use exclusively–we’re big fans ourselves–so we are really happy that it will be on Steam starting day one.”




Folks at recently interviewed Diablo 3’s Lead Designer, Jay Wilson. This interview however seem a bit long, they said that they manage to ask fifty-six (56) question. So because of the length of the interview, they divide the IV into several post, starting with the non-mana resource system that will be implemented in Diablo 3.

So I don’t want to just cut and paste the post, but I will list down all the interview so far. Read up. 🙂

Jay Wilson Exclusive Part I: Non-Mana Resource Systems
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part II: The Monk
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part III: Items
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part IV: Skills and Stats
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part V: Character Builds and Variety *new
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part VI: Lightning Round *new

I want to start discussing about the aspect of ARPG I’d told you in the previous post before. Right now, these are all the main aspect of good ARPG (in other word Diablo) that I like; Storyline and Lore, Gameplay, Video and Audio. Right now I can think of only these three but I’ll add later when it’s comes to my mind.

It’s not like I sort this all things, but it just when I play crappy ARPG, thought just pop up and says ‘Yeah, that’s what this game don’t have, this is why it is crappy, this doesn’t feel right here, what a b.s. story, why doesn’t this work, why I cannot do this and that?’. It is just that kind of thought.

Storyline and Lore

Firstly, to me since after Diablo 2 and especially after Diablo 3 announcement, Diablo lore have became more and more diverse and exciting. Story needs at least a bit relevence and sense. If not, I’ll think it is just a crappy story. Of course most game story is made up, but it’s need to be acceptable in manner of sense.

Take a look at game with great storyline, Diablo, Titan Quest and Dungeon Siege.

Titan Quest Immortal Throne

Titan Quest Immortal Throne

In Titan Quest, the game took placed in world of mix of mythology of Greek, Egypt, Babylon and other (correct me if I mistaken) and most of it are Greek. Within the world, there are related mystical creature such as centaur, medusas, imp, lich and many others. And when you travel to different continent and places, you will faces different kind of monster relevant to the myth like jackal in Egypt and plant-monster in Babylon.

This kind of setting if important to the storyline and lore. It all blend together so well until player will feel that the world if alive. It is real and they will be sucked into the story. That’s Titan Quest world.

Dungeon Siege II Quest

Dungeon Siege II Quest

Different setting we felt in Dungeon Siege 2. That’s Aranna world. The world so immerse with it many kind of lore and beast that never exists in real world like the shamanistic imp in the jungle and skath at the desert. The guy at Gas Powered Games really done their work in creating the DS universe. DS2 is one of the game the best lore I’d ever played.

And for Diablo, when we start playing Diablo 1, the world start with a small town, with dark and gothic feel. The world is town and dungeon in the monastery that change it feel every 5 levels downstairs. The world is not much bigger that any other, but where is the lore you think? Yes, the lore comes in the town when you talk to NPC, mostly from Cairn, and some from other like Pepin. That’s where the depth storyline of Diablo 1 comes. It’s not an immerse world but a universe shrouded with mystery.

When Diablo 2 comes around, that where Diablo universe emerge from the previous Diablo 1. Tristram become just a tiny part of the world. With more settings like Rogue Encampment, Lut Gholein, Kurast Dock, and Hell, and then Barbarian Highland, all the shrouded mystery before became clearer. Although some left unknown. Rescuing Cairn start the lore here. After that Cairn will explain all about the Diablo World. In Diablo 3, after the world map and timeline came, all the mystery became more clearer.

Next, we will discuss about other aspect, but I still not decide what to write yet. So soon! Please leave comment! 🙂

Diablo 3 World Map

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It’s first time I had seen this. Diablo 3 World Map. Hmm.. so this is how it’s look.. Check out the Arreat Crater. That’s where Harrogoth, the Barbarian city in Act 5 D2X use to be. It’s now a flaming hole. No one can be there. Although in D2X after the Worldstone explode, player still talk to NPC at Harrogoth. Actually, after the explosion Harrogoth and the whole Mt. Arreat is vanish from the map. It is just dissappear!

Check out the Arreat Crater.

Check out the Arreat Crater.

I might be don’t have much time to write long blog post but I still want to try write some about the good aspect of action-rpg. In other words, what kind of criteria they have in Diablo that we love so much. And for me good action-rpg is not just Diablo, there are excellent ARPG other than Diablo such as Titan Quest (strong graphic, audio, story and gameplay), Dungeon Siege I and II (although DSII is definitely better) and some others. Older linear one like Nox is quite good. Unfortunately, I’d never try Sacred 1 and 2. Never had the chance.

So, I hope to discuss this some aspects and then later we will talk about each ARPG I mention before. Keep hang out here.