Exclusive Interview with Jay Wilson [UPDATED]

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Interview, News
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Folks at Diii.net recently interviewed Diablo 3’s Lead Designer, Jay Wilson. This interview however seem a bit long, they said that they manage to ask fifty-six (56) question. So because of the length of the interview, they divide the IV into several post, starting with the non-mana resource system that will be implemented in Diablo 3.

So I don’t want to just cut and paste the post, but I will list down all the interview so far. Read up. 🙂

Jay Wilson Exclusive Part I: Non-Mana Resource Systems
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part II: The Monk
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part III: Items
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part IV: Skills and Stats
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part V: Character Builds and Variety *new
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part VI: Lightning Round *new

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