Review: Torchlight First Impression

Posted: October 28, 2009 in News
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Torchlight have came out just several hours before. Runic also decided to release their game demo for prospect to try out their new arpg. So, I download the demo and go out for a play test.

Well, just as I suspected. Torchlight is just to similar to FATE. Look in the shot. The same fishing in the FATE. There are some more similarity to FATE.

  • One central town where player take quest.
  • Pet system is exactly the same.
  • Their world sytem. You go outside the town into dungeon and proceed downward into levels of dungeon. Same like Diablo 1.

I would say, this is just too weak of ARPG. Same for FATE. I never like FATE.

New thing that I don’t like here is the way the camera move when opening a window or talking to NPC. I felt kind of dizzy to that. I hope there will be patch for it.

Other thing, the new game engine is smooth and pretty. Inventory system is quite good. All item have same size, no need to play tetris arranging item in inventory. Skill system looks good too, but I still haven’t explore much of it. Only level 2 by now.

See you soon!

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