Why haven’t Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 come out yet?

Posted: November 23, 2009 in News
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Good question. Something awful have made a list of jokes pretending to be ‘fake’ answer from Blizzard employes of his email to them.

Here is some of it.

Tom Drivingschool
Diablo III On-Site Anesthesiologist

“Our lead designer locked his keys in the office three months ago and he’s too proud to call a locksmith. I honestly don’t think that wire hanger is going to reach the elevator button, much less get to the third floor.

Until something changes, we’re just camping out front all day with our laptops and playing Torchlight.”

Eric Hiccupcure
Diablo III Speedboat Physics Consultant

“We were actually ready to send the gold master out last month, but it turns out somewhere along the line spellcheck turned every instance of ‘Diablo’ into ‘Dublin’. Right now we’re regrouping figuring out whether we want to start the whole thing from scratch or just roll with it and rework the graphics/story to go all-out Gaelic with what we’ve got.”

Melissa Owlavoid
StarCraft II Sound Unstabilizer

“After we decided to split StarCraft II into three separate products, there was a lot of extra work to make sure things went smoothly. For example, the company’s lawyers have been meeting with all the developers to draw up our last wills and testaments so we’ll have everything squared away when we turn senile and/or expire sometime between the release of the second and third StarCraft II installments.”

Check it out at Something Awful

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