Dungeon Siege 3 Q&A with Feargus Urquhart

Posted: June 30, 2010 in APRG, Dungeon Siege 3, Interview
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More on Dungeon Siege 3. Gaming Union interviewed Obsidian CEO’s Feargus Urquhart about challenge aspect.

Gaming Union: “Besides increasing health and strength, how else are you building the challenge throughout the game?”

Feargus Urquhart: “A lot of times when you have a level of difficulty, normal, hard, insane, whatever, you just increase the hit points, so what we’re doing is … [giving] different settings for each encounter based upon your difficulty level, and it spawns different things. So what an easy encounter is one that’s just melee guys. But if you have melee guys and you throw a couple archers behind them, you haven’t doubled the hit points, but you’ve made the encounter a lot harder now.”

Gaming Union: “Can you tell us about any of the influences behind the changes to the game? You’re a studio picking up from another studio’s work, and you’re adding to it obviously.”

Urquhart: “A lot of the changes are bringing it from the PC to the console. Really a lot of it has been focusing on is that’s it’s gone from a point and click game which is very different from an animation and how the animation system works. When you’re controlling it, you want it to feel good and look good. One of the things we’ve really had to spend a lot of time on is figuring out how to get all that animation transitioning to look good and feel good. … And the PC will have a PC interface, so it won’t just be the game controllers, and we’re not going to turn off the controllers, so you can still play co op that way, but we’re PC guys, we want to have a really good PC interface. It’ll be mouse, it’ll be keyboard, it’ll be hot buttoned, all that.”

Gaming Union: “Thank you!”

  1. Sai says:

    You are absolutely correct.. Thats pure bullshit about consulting Chris…
    The bottomline is that Obsidian is screwing with the game (i.e it is no longer Dungeon Siege but Gothic) and we will loose our pure hack n Slash loot whore game…
    On the upside i am happy that the Graphics are getting a tweak…

    • Alex says:

      ‘Obsidian is screwing with the game’ is absolutely the right term for it. DS3 not gonna be pure hack and slash anymore. Point and click replace with button combination, DS unique class build replace with pure class selection, topdown/isometric view replace with over the shoulder view, and light conversation replace with complex decision making flowchart. All this just craps to convert DS into more of west RPG style, just like gothic.

      I’m pissed off at Chris just as much at Obsidian. They got such fine engine with DS2 but didn’t care to extend it’s capability for another release. And DS3 gonna use Onyx engine, the same engine for Neverwinter Night 2. How’s that sound to you? Promising enough?

      Yeah, I’m always welcome new style of graphics.

  2. Sai says:

    OMG they are using the NW2 Engine.. thats way too crappy… Let Dungeon siege be what it is… And if they plan to change the graphics I could always use something on the lines of Titan Quest/Sacred2 but definately not NW2 😐

    • Alex says:

      I think they just use the engine but the graphic surely is already improve a lot since NW2 is 2006/2007. Reading from many articles about the E3 demo, it’s sound that the graphics is very impressive. They only use onyx as the based of their ‘revolutionary’ complex dialog system. Yeah, NW2 is have on of the most dissapointing graphics engine. It’s felt tired to play sluggishly like that.

      • dowon says:

        Onyx engine, Obsidian’s brand new engine was not used for Neverwinter Nights 2, which was based on Electron engine, a heavily modified Aurora (NWN1, Bioware) engine.

        The development of Onyx engine started in 2006 and was used for the cancelled action RPG Aliens: Crucible.

        OT: Lead Designer Nathan Chapman on combat animation and mechanics of DS3
        “We’ve focused a lot on making control of your character more direct than it is in a game like Dragon Age (or NWN2 for that matter!). This goes along with bringing the game to the consoles, where players expect crisper, more responsive controls – lag between hitting a button and your character animating is just not cool for a console ARPG. Along with all of that we’re making sure we don’t take the player’s control away while their character does some kind of finishing blow.

        So, I’d say we probably aren’t going to have longer sequences where your character finishes off enemies – instead, we’ll just focus on making our enemies death animations as awesome and epic as possible, and use ragdoll where appropriate so you can get some awesome finishes from physics.

        Actually, we had a little mini-game going at e3 among the presenters where we tried to use a special dashing sword attack to lob one of the enemies from one cliff to another. That kind of stuff is always fun with ragdoll deaths.”

      • Alex says:

        Thanks for clarifying that up. I’m not aware of that. Seems like I picked that up from public discussion, which shouldn’t at all could be taken as posting source.

        Electron Engine

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