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Another title come out with action-RPG loot-em-up style. Lately we see a stream of steady announcement of more loot-em-up games coming out. Maybe many guys out there try to juice some money out of Diablo 3 popularity. More all the better. I could enjoy more of these in 2011.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play MMO not an exactly single player Diablo-style game. Check out this video by PCGAMER on the class and combat. Also inside, inventory peek, upgradable skill and item.

Darkspore: Not a Spore-sequel

Posted: September 6, 2010 in APRG, Darkspore, News, Video

Some of you might already heard about Darkspore, a new 2011-soon-to-come-loot-em-up arpg (um.. you might want to forget the loot-em-up part first) from the Spore creator, EA Maxis. This is entirely different game from Spore you know but it will use the ‘DNA’ of the first Spore. Check out this new wiki if you want to find out more.

Darkspore Announcement and First Gameplay Trailer

Torchlight 2 was announced at the last Gamescon 2010 convention. Torchlight 1 is nothing major and awesome to me (yes it was interesting for the first play through but nothing else worth my time), so I wouldn’t expect much from it. But since Runic hearing and taking their fans comments and also the critics from game journalist, it might be after all revolve into something much more better, in many ways, in many aspects. Try read the short article at gamespot when their journalist take first hands-on demo at previous Gamescon 2010.