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With Diablo 3 becoming more and more further than us, our souls have become weak. It’s heart-wrenching to hear that D3 is not schedule to release in 2010. It is expected though to everyone.

Some of us maybe searching for other alternatives ARPG, Diablo-clone in hope but sadly nothing comes around. Only cheap imitation or fail product. APRG is such a great genre but with lot of rubbish title.

I tried to play Dawn of War 2 since it has become an APRG approach with inventory and loot but sadly it is not as much as fun. It is just weak aprg. Inventory just available after your mission. Most likely it is a experimental hybrid of RTS and ARPG. Looting is not as much as fun. No grinding I would say. At least I wouldn’t call that grinding.

Another hope for us is the Iron Lore folks. Well, as you know, Iron Lore is history now. But their remains still dwell in our planet. Their leads, Arthur Bruno with several of his leads companion founded a new independent studio called Crate Entertainment.

This is already an old news. The founded early last year and on last September they acquired the rights to use Iron Lore engine, the engine which is use to develop Titan Quest himself. Only the engine though, not TQ intelectual property (arts, 3d model or anything that related with TQ and TQIM) which remains as THQ’s.

The latest news is that they just open the official website for their company and their new ARPG, Grim Dawn. Check out This is ARPG that will be developed using IL engine but the art still start from scratch. I have great faith in this project since they people are dedicated one to make their goals reality.


The project is currently not funded by any investor but from the fans! They received a lot of request from emails and at forum about fans donation for their project. They response that with pre-order donation, which mean the fans put a pre-order of the game that will be released later. This kind of payment have made Natural Selection and NS2 successful without any investor funds (NS is made by Unknown World, their lead programmer is once lead engine programmer at Iron Lore).

Well that’s for now. Check out the GD website and you can put pre-order there by now. But you maybe want to check out their screenshot first. Since the shot still haven’t available, you might want to wait a bit until it comes out.

For those who searching for APRG, check out this titles.

  1. Alien Shooter
  2. Alien Shooter 2
  3. Greed: Black Border

I want to what do you thinks about these post, about grim dawn and these 3 titles (if you ever played). Comments it down here. 🙂 ;p

Well, that’s all for now. See you later! Happy New Year 2010!