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Check out the latest screenshot from upcoming ARPG Grim Dawn, from the spiritual maker of Titan Quest, Crate Entertainment. Check out their development forum.

Torchlight is becoming fun!

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Pictures
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Hey torchlight is quite fun! Turned out that this runic guys know what they’re doing! Still this is just several level since before. I’m just played for less than 2 hours by now.

There are story flow actually that going along with quest. That what’s I like it. Doing side quest is quite fun too. I like doing the portal quest from Hatch (NPC). Fighting boss is what an arpg is all about!


Runic Game announced today that it’s upcoming ARPG Torchlight will be available on Steam at lauched. As opposed to the previous statement that it will have 30 days wait to available at Steam, Runic CEO Max Schaefer stated that, “It’s important for us to make Torchlight as widely available as possible. Steam is an enormous outlet that many players use exclusively–we’re big fans ourselves–so we are really happy that it will be on Steam starting day one.”




Diablo 3 World Map

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Diablo 3 Album, News, Pictures
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It’s first time I had seen this. Diablo 3 World Map. Hmm.. so this is how it’s look.. Check out the Arreat Crater. That’s where Harrogoth, the Barbarian city in Act 5 D2X use to be. It’s now a flaming hole. No one can be there. Although in D2X after the Worldstone explode, player still talk to NPC at Harrogoth. Actually, after the explosion Harrogoth and the whole Mt. Arreat is vanish from the map. It is just dissappear!

Check out the Arreat Crater.

Check out the Arreat Crater.