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I have read several articles about the impression of the Square demo of Dungeon Siege 3 at E3 2010 expo several days ago.

From reading several articles, I can fairly says that Dungeon Siege will not remains as hack and slash anymore. In fact, I didn’t bother to call it ARPG anymore.

Among the changes that really frustrated me is:

  1. Combat will not be mindless hack and slash anymore but instead, Obsidian will implement tactical combination of key in combat to produce variation of attack.
    – This so like the Witcher. I’ve played Witcher before and I can totally said that it is not my type at all. This is because the combat is too slow pace and involve specific and precise reaction to the time combat.
  2. There are two type of attack, first is one handed attack which is faster slashing attack and the other one is two-handed attack which more powerful and can slash many opponent at a time.
    – Now this is also sound like The Witcher. You should just call it The Witcher 1.5.
  3. The camera is over the shoulder type. While overview camera is still available, making the over the shoulder type as the main view also mean that the game is designed with that view in check.

Now now, I can totally expected that people who read this will say,

“What wrong with making it like RPG or the Witcher?”
“I couldn’t understand what’s wrong with all the new feature you complaining?”

Yes, no one saying it is wrong. But Dungeon Siege should remain as Dungeon Siege. It should remain true to what the old fan like about it. Now they trying to turn it into a whole new experience for classic RPG lovers.

It is not wrong, in fact RPG might have better and larger audience and it is very appealing in marketing view. But they should made a totally new game/franchise, not changing something as successful as Dungeon Siege into other genre. It is just not fair to their fans.

If you could be honest with yourself, you maybe could answer this question:

  • What if Diablo is made into RPG like Baldur’s Gate?
  • Neverwinter Night is made into hack and slash?
  • Starcraft is made into turn based strategy?
  • Civilization is made into real time strategy?
  • Command and Conquer series will be using system like Starcraft or Age of Empire?

And this question only can be answer by the respective game’s fans. I for sure will like if Neverwinter Night is made into hack and slash but Diablo as RPG is just plain sucks to me.

Chris Taylor will be supervised the development to keep it on check with the fan based? Sounds like lot of crap to me.

You heard that right. Obsidian will be developing sequel to dungeon siege franchise, and will be published by Square Enix and this project will be supervised by Chris Taylor himself. So how do you fell, honestly? What is your expectation after hearing that? How much faith do you have in GPG to maintain their DS franchise up to it’s fame?

obsidian logo

Obsidian+Dungeon Siege?

For me, not much at the moment. I don’t know very much about Obsidian. The only game that I’ve played by them is NW2, and I only could indulge just until reaching Neverwinter City for the first time. As far as I know, Obsidian have been getting a bit of bad reputatation for not completing/finishing several titles at the moment. I think KOTOR2 is included.

To get a bit of Obsidian fell, I decided to try NW2 back. Re-install it taking just about 15 minutes. NW2 taking about 6.5 gigabytes of harddrive space. At the time this writing, I just reaching Highcliff town just before reaching Neverwinter city. A bit short from before. I tried to play differently, using different camera angle and keep changing at different places. But my impression remain same as the first feel.

NW2 is not an ARPG, I know. So I won’t compare it to other ARPG. What I’m trying to compare is their performance, combat feel and some others. Not much. From perfomance alone, I will try very bad. I played this using ATI 2600XT, an on-par with 8600GT if you more familiar with nVidia. But it feel very slow and sluggish. Since, I’m an ARPG fans, I prefer to have fast pace gameplay, I having this sluggish jay walking really takes a toll of my brains. I feel like getting ill and catching up fever just because of it. And this is the top speed performance. Even at lowest settings, I believe I could get any faster. At the time of NW2 is release, many complain directed at performance issues. Many player only get 1-2 fps and the best I hear is 7-11 fps around the bioware forum. WTF? 11 fps? I don’t know how fast is that but I guess that is as much as I’m playing now.

Neverwinter Night 2: Notoriously Sluggish

Gameplay. When I says about combat feel before, I’m just ‘lightly’ talk about how the action and clicking feel, how responsive is the player action to mouse click. This is very important to me. Suppose you’ve played diablo 2 (!??), when you click anywhere to walk, character will immediately go there but in NW2 it takes about 500 milliseconds for any reaction to take places. This lag really made all the performance feel all the worst. Other thing such as delay tooltip to appear also annoying.

There are many other things that ARPG should feature well is designed badly.

The only good points of Obsidian is they are good with the graphics. Sadly, the performance issues giving that out. NW2 world is beautiful and the music is nice too. The music really suitable with the world/places they created. I can say that much.

Well, from that much of NW2, I think Obsidian knows how to make an ARPG. They don’t know how to make it. Chris Taylor said that he don’t know any other team that could continue DS franchise as good as Obsidian/Square Enix. But if he did mean it by the ability to make good story rather than overall ARPG experience, I guess DS3 gonna be sucks two times! As for my guess, Chris doesn’t want to announce, but DS3 gonna be much of classic RPG rather than ARPG. He clearly leave their strong fanbased of DS and gonna risk so much. Just like SupCom2, made to appeal to the mass audience and leaving fans clearly disappointed.

Chris Taylor himself. Respect just going down.

As lately, my faith in GPG to make great games is not the same as before. It’s just not there. It’s just gone. Lately, GPG games look really dumb to me in some terms. Like how all their games, starting from SupCom 1, Demigod, SupCom2, and latest King and Castle, all of them losing depth in their design. It true that SupCom made ground breaking evolution to RTS, but aestically it look flat and saturated. Not as vibrant anymore as their first game, Dungeon Sige 1 and Dungeon Siege 2. DS2 especially very beautiful world, vibrant, have great feeling, great sound and music, combat feel and story. But since SupCom, they start making vast game without arts and music.

Did anyone of you remember any of SupCom music or tune? Did you suddenly remember SupCom ¬†when listening to certain music or tune? As sure as I’m, me not. GPG is not fun anymore. Demigod also, fun to play but leave no trace of memories to me. Space Siege suck, so I don’t want to say anything here, other than it is one and only GPG games after DS2 that actually have colors.

Bottomline, I just leave DS3 alone for now, just checking screenshot when any news feed regarding it appear. Although big title like this could make some better scene for ARPG, which is quite deserted lately.

I suggest you check out Grim Dawn for any real ARPG before Diablo 3.

ps: I think I wanna do some review for Titan Quest, for how GD should be.