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We may agree to disagree or, perhaps, it may be just a misunderstanding based on an imprecise communication of ideas on my part.

Often when I talk about making the game darker, people assume I mean visually darker. What I really mean, is thematically darker. When I say “sexier” like God of War, I’m speaking figuratively and not talking about actual sexual content and I’m not advocating that it should have been like God of War. Mainly, I’m just saying that we should have been a bit bolder in our decision making and advertising of the game. There seemed to be a constant fear during the development of Titan Quest about upsetting this or that segment of the audience or someone’s grandmother. I was literally told by one of the higher-ups that the game should be designed so that his grandmother would want to play it (even though his grandmother had never played a game before in her life). We were building a game with relatively complicated and hardcore gameplay systems but trying to make it thematically and visually appealing to as wide a casual audience as possible. The end result, is that the game was a little more bland and generic in some respects than it should have been and the game world didn’t do much to convey a sense of danger.

One example of this would be the mandate that enemies not use language or build anything that would make them seem like they had more than animal intelligence. It was felt by one of the higher-ups that people might feel wrong killing enemies that displayed any obvious intelligence. I guess somehow it is wrong to fight intelligent enemies but okay to slaughter dumb animals? We also weren’t originally allowed to have humans die, ever, in the game and no human corpses. (more…)

This is originally from incgamer video reuploaded by GulDarah. This Dungeon Siege 3 interview feature Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian.

More on Dungeon Siege 3. Gaming Union interviewed Obsidian CEO’s Feargus Urquhart about challenge aspect.

Gaming Union: “Besides increasing health and strength, how else are you building the challenge throughout the game?”

Feargus Urquhart: “A lot of times when you have a level of difficulty, normal, hard, insane, whatever, you just increase the hit points, so what we’re doing is … [giving] different settings for each encounter based upon your difficulty level, and it spawns different things. So what an easy encounter is one that’s just melee guys. But if you have melee guys and you throw a couple archers behind them, you haven’t doubled the hit points, but you’ve made the encounter a lot harder now.”

Gaming Union: “Can you tell us about any of the influences behind the changes to the game? You’re a studio picking up from another studio’s work, and you’re adding to it obviously.”

Urquhart: “A lot of the changes are bringing it from the PC to the console. Really a lot of it has been focusing on is that’s it’s gone from a point and click game which is very different from an animation and how the animation system works. When you’re controlling it, you want it to feel good and look good. One of the things we’ve really had to spend a lot of time on is figuring out how to get all that animation transitioning to look good and feel good. … And the PC will have a PC interface, so it won’t just be the game controllers, and we’re not going to turn off the controllers, so you can still play co op that way, but we’re PC guys, we want to have a really good PC interface. It’ll be mouse, it’ll be keyboard, it’ll be hot buttoned, all that.”

Gaming Union: “Thank you!”

Folks at recently interviewed Diablo 3’s Lead Designer, Jay Wilson. This interview however seem a bit long, they said that they manage to ask fifty-six (56) question. So because of the length of the interview, they divide the IV into several post, starting with the non-mana resource system that will be implemented in Diablo 3.

So I don’t want to just cut and paste the post, but I will list down all the interview so far. Read up. 🙂

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Jay Wilson Exclusive Part III: Items
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Jay Wilson Exclusive Part V: Character Builds and Variety *new
Jay Wilson Exclusive Part VI: Lightning Round *new