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Promosing feature discussed in the forum. This list is taken from my blog at gameriot hellforge community.
Most of this are comparison to TQ system.

  • Larger inventory, less item AxB size. Stash and shared stash still in discussion/development. Still not sure about how they decide to make stash. The concerns is to remove the painful chore of moving loots to and from dozen of mules.
  • Better loots. In TQ, the loots is very diverse and so many unique loots. In fact it’s more than Diablo 2 loots. But most of epic/unique loots are beyond the ‘normal’ modes. Almost 70% loots are in Epic and Legendary difficulties (which is equal to Nightmare and Hell in Diablo 2). This flaw is promised to be optimized to better distribution of loots to make gameplay feel more rewarding.
  • Classes. Right now, the confirmed classes is soldier class, demolition class, illutionist/assasin and aetherialist. Another one is still been working on, but among considered class theme is a ranged based class and vampire theme. source
  • New kind of items/gears. Shoulder pad, hoods and long jacket is a welcome one, giving fresh feeling to APRG loots.
  • Gears will look more badass with heavier armor will have bulkier looking, and cloth and leather type armor like assassin gear will look more form-fitting.
  • Randomize dungeon is a promising one but still no words from developer about the randomize system.
  • Like in the official feature list, combat will feel more alive. Hit fx, criticals with camera shake, blood spatter, death fx, and ragdoll with dismemberment / gibs is already implemented. They also plan to allow monster to be knockdown while still alive and get back up. source
  • One music track is there for download. Try listening to it.
  • Improved modding tools. If you’re similar with TQ modding kits, you know how painful it is. You can check the modding tools in the forum with screenshots.